Monday, August 27, 2007

Surprise, Surprise....

Look at the treat that I had waiting on me when I got home. I'm only mad that I am getting to it so late, because I can't start on anything. Sorry for the bad pic, still using my camera phone. I so high tech, ya'll.

This is a book by Beth Doherty of "Gourmet Amigurumi", containing all original amigurumi patterns by Doherty. Now, I read a couple things last year that amigurumi means "a stuff toy, stitched (crocheted or knited) in a round". In her book Beth gives a detailed break down of the meaning of amigurumi. Here it is as she puts it in her intro--(not word for word)
"Amigurumi-pronounced ah-mee-guh-ROO-mee, Ami is short for the word Amimie meaning "stitch" in Japanese. Gurumi is a hyphenation of the Japanese word Nuigurumi, meaning "stuffed doll or toy". Anyway, if I have to pick a favorite(s), it somewhere between Strawbeary, Beat Nik Kitty (Hep Cat), and Fawn. Enough with the book report , just go out and pick up a copy of this book.

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