Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years ......


As always I have been away for quite some time now.  I've been a busy, stressed little bee lately, but that okay.  My mom surprised me with this Starbucks Cable Knit Mug, that I had been trying to find for a couple of months, to no avail. Because I drink tons of coffee and teas, it has quickly become my FAVE mug.   

I did get a few projects done before the end of 08. I made those cute and simple hand warmers. When I finished them, the first thing that my mom said was, "I surprised you didn't put a flower on them, you put flowers on everything". The funny (or sad) thing is that I was debating before I showed them to anyone, if I should add a flower or not.  Photobucket
I did make the flower detachable, cute Huh?Photobucket
It makes a very cute ring too. Photobucket

My niece's dad bought her a shirt that she already has in the same size and everything, so I did a onesies Revamp.  I just crocheted a little mini skirt onto the little shirt with a mini heart brooch, to match the hearts that cover the onesies.


I also made a few hats for the little one in the family. Mostly food themed hats. Including a Cupcake and a Pumpkin Hat. Sorry the Cupcake picture is from the trusty camera phone, which was the only thing handy at the time.

Thanks for stopping by..........I'm hoping that everyone has a very successful, elevating, less stressful and joyous new year. I just rang in the New Year Blogging, What does that mean? Oh well, Back to my piles of WIP's---HELLLLLLOOOOOO '09

  ****Almost forgot ***
 ☆♥☺☆♥☺I Love my new President☆♥☺☆♥☺

Miss you and love you much  R.I.P  Auntie Ann

Monday, September 22, 2008

You Tell Me What's Better Than, Food???

First off I've been M.I.A for quite a long time, guys.

Well, here goes. What's better than food, you got it Miniature Foods! My cousin needed some things to accompany a small grocery buggy that my mom gave her a few years back. First of all she never puts anything on her desk. So, I decided to surprise her with a bunch of goodies. I tell you sooner or later we are only going to be able to afford food this size, if prices keep going up. Anyway...


The shopping cart has a Oprah Magazine and an Essence Magazine, 3 bags of Potatoe Chips (including Limon Her Favorite),


box of Celestial Seasonings Green Tea (another Fave),


a Crochet Apple,


a Mrs. Smiths Apple Pie,


Here's the back of the Pie Box......


a Crochet Steak,


Everything came out very well, being that I made up things has as I went along. Thanks for looking.

Monday, May 05, 2008

You can't tell me nothing.....
Diva (in training)

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