Tuesday, January 17, 2006

To Crochet or Not To Crochet ......
That Is The Question?

Right now I'm so torn between reading this book I just pick up and finishing this sweater that I started working on mid last week. It's a rainy, rainy day here in the ATL and I'm stuck at work with a cold. My uncomfortable bed at home seems so inviting right now. I would love to post the things that I am working on but my dinosaur of a computer is stuck the stone ages and badly in need of repair. I am thinking of getting a new one because I keep putting more and more money into this computer and it seems to be getting worse and slower. Hopefully somsething will happen soon.

Friday, January 06, 2006

A New Day/ Same Old Bag

When a new day starts, why does it always carry over the same old baggage? Not just yesterdays stuffbut, yester-year's stuff resurfacing .Just bubbling right underneath the surface of your being. Even though you thought you had let it go and moved forward. All of a sudden it peeks out at you. Shaking off that old garbage is so hard.

But, the harder thing to do is opening up for the new and better possibilities of life. It's difficult to let the good thing seep in. It causes you to get into this bad repetitive cycle of bad behavior. I guess that's why they say old habits die hard. How do you deal and move on?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Well, well, well lookie what we have here.
Someone's joining the World Wide Web.

Happy New Years ! Welcome to my inter-sanctum. In the beginning there were letters and journals. Then, as technologies evolved so did our means to communicate and express our different points of view. Through email and now blogs. So that brings me here. I've decided to jump on the blog train. I figurred that itis a very good way to vent about things and share my ideas and such.