Saturday, March 03, 2007

!!! National Crochet Month !!!

Crochet Anyone!!!

Did anyone else know that among other things, March is officially National Crochet Month. Or do I totally sound like a spazz. Anyway, I was asked by my job to do a display of some of my work for the month of March. Well, here it is. It's a small display , but tell me what you guys think. It's amazing the big boom that crocheting and knitting has had in the past two years. My 19 year old sister still calls me a grandma half the time, but in the same breath, "Ooooh, make me that". Since I have put the display up at the library where I work, there has been a great deal of interest. One mom came and told me about her daughters eighth birthday party entitled, "Isn't it great, I'm eight let's Cro-cheight!" Wasn't that really cute.

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