Friday, November 17, 2006

Gobble, Gobble everybody!!!

Hope that everyone has a great holiday. On the road again. Alabama here we come, with visions of cranberries and turkey and such. I think that it is suppose to be visions of sugarplums and all that jazz. I found this cool pattern the other day. I just added some legs onto my turkey. They came out pretty nice. I going to use this little guy and the pumpkins that I made in October for a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Hopefully Bittersweet doesn't mind me posting her pattern. But this is were I got the pattern from (it was a free pattern ya'll):

I was going to give this one to my Granny, but I think that I am going to keep him. I have been trying to keep the first of many of the things that I make. Anyway, hopefully everyone will have a safe and happy holiday.

P.S. Don't eat to much!!!


Hannah said...

You did a great job on it, I absolutely love yours! I'm so happy that you liked my pattern enough to make it!

Christina said...

Thanks so much. It was a big hit around my house during the holidays. As a matter of fact my Granny stil has hers in the window. Thanks 4 the pattern ;-)