Saturday, August 05, 2006

New Girls!!!!

What's up DOC? This little one is for my friend Dee. I think that she is really going to love her. Can you believe taht I finally found the time to finish somethings. They came out rather nice, even though I was running off of fumes and a lack of sleep. This is the first time that I experimented with making long pant, instead of the short pants on any of the girls. I wear flowers in my hair (reminisent of Billie Holliday) all the time. So that's why I gave Lil' Doc one in her hair. Cute, right?

I added a little flutterbye (butterfly) as my sister has affectionately renamed them, to the pant leg to jazzy them up a little. It took me a minute to remember what it is that I did to make the first doll. I'm running out of time, Holla back whenever I get another free moment.

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