Monday, April 03, 2006

A Barrel Full Of Monkeys!

OKay.... so it's not a barrel. But, you get the jist. They are actually hanging from my yarn caddy. I tell you them darn monkeys get into everything. I have been on a monkey making spree, I had monkey parts everywhere. Now, I'm working on a Amineko Cat for someone. I bid on and won some Soft Touch Crochet Hooks on Ebay. Cool Right? Anyway, that should help out a lot.


amiamazing said...

timing is you know that I actually came across this amazing site...called "Gourmet Amigarumi"....!!!Just yesturday...How weird...How did you find me?!
I actually found out about amigarumi's through the knit magazine Knit1 like a month ago...I just recently got into crochet...but knitting is my ultimate passion...and of's so nice to run into a blogger who is a sista, around the same age as me, and loves to craft...I will definately keep in touch and thanks for hitting up my blog....You should google "Gourmet Amigarumi" to get some already inspired'll be floored with the possibilities andd probably end up throwing them monkeys to the side...jk:)~

Christina said...

Thanks for checking me out. I'll will continue to keep checking out your blog. Keep me posted on how your amigurumis start to turn out. (I'll never throw the monkeys to the side, cause people seem to love them so, I've made about 6 for other people so far).

H-Star said...

omg! i LURV the monkeys!